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Laser Etching

The Laser Etching Process
Photographs can be taken, digitized, and sent electronically to a laser which will in turn etch a copy onto stone.  If desired, the etched stone can then be hand painted.  We can take your photo or logo and etch it onto marble or granite using this process.  A high quality photo with good contrast gives the best final results.  If you would like to e-mail your photo, please scan it at 300dpi.  You can also mail a photo to us to digitize and it will be returned with the final etching.  (If your photo is irreplaceable you may want to send a copy or have it scanned and e-mail it to us.)

Stone Types
Black marble produces the best detail and most photo-like image, however it can scratch  and stain easily and should be kept inside and displayed as a fine painting or photograph.

Cream marble varies in appearance and may have brown veins running through it.  Images reproduce well on cream marble and the results in an antique photo feel.

Black granite produces a grainier image with not as much fine detail, but is much harder and can be used in floors as design elements inside or out.

We are also experimenting with etching on wood, glass, acrylic, and a variety of other surfaces and stones.

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